Supplemental Educational Services


Public school choice is a critical component of NCLB (No Child Left Behind) because it offers students enrolled in a Title I school that is identified for school improvement, corrective action, or restructuring an opportunity to attend a public school that has not been identified for improvement. A school is identified for school improvement when it fails to make AYP (Annual Yearly Progress) for two consecutive years. The school district is responsible for providing, or paying for the provision of transportation necessary for students to attend their new schools, subject to Title I grant funding. The school district is required to set aside 20% of the total Title I grant for CHOICE and SES costs for all schools that are in improvement, corrective action or restructuring.

There were 479 students eligible for Choice; however there were no students that participated since none of our surrounding districts were able to receive them.  Imagine West contacted three surrounding school districts, Indianapolis Public Schools, Pike Township, and Wayne Township.  These districts were not able to take any of our students so School Choice is not available for our school.


Supplemental Educational Services (SES)

Supplemental educational services (SES) are additional academic instruction designed to increase the academic achievement of students in schools in need of improvement. SES (free tutoring) must be provided outside of the regular school day. SES must be high quality, research-based, and specifically designed to increase student academic achievement. The goal is to ensure that these students increase their academic achievement, particularly in reading/language arts and mathematics. This component of Title I offers parents choices in addressing their child’s educational needs, and offers students extra help. The SES tutoring is free for non-proficient free/reduced lunch students.  If the funds available are insufficient to provide SES to each eligible students whose parents requests those services, the school district must give priority to the lowest achieving eligible students.  The districts mandatory 20% of our Title I grant set aside for CHOICE/SES is used to pay for tutoring rendered under SES.

We currently have 482 students that are eligible for this service.  The number of students that will choose to participate in the SES tutoring is undetermined at this time.  Parent letters were sent home November 3, so watch for those to sign your student up to take part in this free tutoring.  You can click the link below to access the parent letter and enrollment forms.

SES Parent Letter

SES Enrollment Form English

SES Enrollment Form Spanish

Below is a list of our providers

  • 1 to 1 Tutor- Online

Ray Narayan (972-812-7809)

  • Abacus In Home Tutoring- In home

Michael O’Malley (877-888-6720)

  • Achieve Highpoints- Online

Devina Singh (770-623-6969)

  • Club Z! Tutoring- One to one and small group

Fred Kincer (317-783-3808)

  • College Preparatory Tutoring- One to one and small group

Joanie Patterson (317-910-8999)

  • Grade Cracker- Online

Thanjavur Manavalan (800-803-1548)

  • Indianapolis Algebra Project- Large group tutoring

Terry Ogle (317-923-4623)

  • J Scott Learning- Large group tutoring

Suzanne Crowley (317-546-5484)

  • Teaching our Posterity Success (TOPS)- One on one and small group

Lenne McGill Parrish (317-542-8677)

  • The Mind Program Tutoring Services- One on one and small group

Tiffany Thomas (317-454-9861)
Please click on the links below to see SES provider information:

Imagine Indiana Life Sciences Academy West- SES Provider Information

If you have any questions about School Choice or SES programs please feel free to contact Miss Reardon at (317) 297-9100 or at